Civil Engineering Professional Advisory Council (CEPAC)

The Civil Engineering Professional Advisory Council (CEPAC) was established at UIC in 2000, and consists of civil engineering faculty members and professional practitioners. The formation of the Council was prompted by the American Board of Engineering Accreditors (ABET). The purpose of (CEPAC) is to enhance undergraduate education at UIC. Similar organizations exist in other engineering departments and at other schools.

For our department, the professional practitioners are from the environmental/hydraulics, geotechnical, structures and transportation areas. They are representatives of private companies and governmental agencies.

The roster of private organizations include:

  • Alfred Benesch

  • Christopher B. Burke Engineering

  • Clark Dietz

  • Hospira, Inc.

  • Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.

  • Klein and Hoffman

  • Sargent & Lundy

  • Turner Construction

  • T.Y. Lin
The public organizations include:

  • DuPage County

  • Illinois DOT District 1


  • US Army Corps of Engineers Chicago District

  • Will County

Members List

Behringer, Thomas J., PE, SE
Senior Vice President
Sargent & Lundy Nuclear Power Technologies
Burke, Christopher B., PhD, PE
President/ CEO
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.

Cecchi, Daniel, P.E*
Executive Vice President

Collins Engineers, Inc.

Evans, Debra P.*
Senior Program Manager

Hospira, Inc.
Fanella, David A., PhD,, PE, SE*
Associate Principal
Klein and Hoffman, Inc.

Fortmann, John, P.E.
Deputy Director of Highways/Region 1 Engineer

IDOT, District 1
Gaffney, Heather J., SE, PE*
Sr. Vice President / Regional Manager
T.Y. Lin International, Inc.
Gould, Bruce D., PE*
County Engineer
Will County
Huffman, Matthew * Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
Kos, John P., PE
Vice President
Morrill, David J., PE, SE
Senior Vice President
Alfred Benesch & Company
Mulac, Gregory A.*
Vice President, Preconstruction Manager
Turner Construction Company

Nelson, Kenneth E., PE*
(Chairman of CEPAC)
Chairman Emeritus

Clark Dietz, Inc.

Sharma, Manju Prakash, PE *
Director of Maintenance & Operations

MWRDGC Maintenance & Operations Dept.
Sorn, Linda M., PE*
Acting Deputy for Project Management
US Army Corps of Engineers Chicago District
Sutton, Michael, P.E. President Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.

Ude, Todd, PhD, PE, SE Engineering Manager


* received a UIC undergraduate or graduate degree

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